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Feel Energised is all about helping and supporting Mums on their health & fitness journey. Improving core strength after children, releasing tight muscles, improving lower back pain, regaining overall body strength, educating on correct exercise technique and coming up with ways to create daily exercise and nutrition habits around busy lives!

My passion is helping you create positive change through exercise, nutrition and mindset so you feel healthy, strong and empowered to be the best, and happiest, version of yourself.

Debs Fitzpatrick

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Hello Mums!
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My passion for women’s health and fitness started back in 2006 when I was working in London.

I had a client that was pregnant and wanted to keep training through her pregnancy and it was at that moment I realised there was a gap in my learning. I completed a Bachelor of Physical Education at Otago University, which was amazing, but when it came to pregnancy and postnatal fitness there was a lot I still wanted to learn.

I made it my mission to find and go to all the courses and workshops I could in this area!

After having my twins at 39 weeks, my core and pelvic floor was really weak and broken, just lifting the double stroller into the car was a big effort. It was a tough birth and although I was able to avoid a c-section, the healing process took some time. I still remember when they were about 2 weeks old. I was walking to the washing line thinking ‘there’s nothing holding my hips together and my legs feel like tree trunks’.

Looking back now, I wonder where I would be if I did not know the steps to strengthen my inner core, exercises to relieve back aches and pains from breastfeeding and how to realign my body and give a little bit of time back to my recovery.

It is this piece of knowledge that inspires me to keep talking to mums, knowing that there are mums out there needing this information. Too often I hear that they have put up with lower back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and just not feeling like themselves for too long after having children. Or that they’ve had abdominal separation and been unaware of what they need to do to heal it and what movements to avoid.

Feel Energised is my PASSION. 

A combination of my knowledge and experience as a Mum, Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

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I have enjoyed being able to learn proper techniques and stretches to connect with areas of my core which I haven't been able to before, even pre-baby!

Lauren - Reconnect Your Core Program