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The Guidance You Need



With a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, I have been working in the health and fitness industry as a Fitness Consultant, Personal Trainer and Health & Lifestyle Coach for over 14 years.

As a Personal Trainer, I specialise in correcting posture and postural imbalances, restoring proper function, pre and post natal fitness, core strength, and creating pain free movement. Once people create better balance within their body they can move forward with their exercise program and reduce the risk of injuries.

I also help people exercise right for their body type, making sure that we are working with the body, not against it, when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

Our base is in Stoke where we have a great inside and outside space for training. 

A private, friendly and fun environment where you can work towards your health and fitness goals.


Free 30 min Strategy Session

1x 60min session $60

1x 45min session $45

1x 30min session $30

* Workout with a friend or 1 on 1.  

* Also options available for small group training.


I started a weekly PT session with Debs Fitzpatrick after we came out of the first Covid lockdown last year. I am a female in my early 70's who has had two full knee replacements within the last 2 years. My knees deteriorated rapidly over a 5-6 year period before the operations, I could barely walk without support and this affected every aspect of everyday life including my love of dancing.
I found myself incredibly weak and sluggish with low energy, very poor balance, unable to use stairs without pulling myself up, unable to walk around the supermarket without a trolley.
Debs is incredibly patient and understanding and a great listener. She is in the process of gently guiding me back to a strong body. My strength and flexibility have improved exponentially, I am currently feeling better physically than I have in years, I can now freely walk up and down stairs and am back dancing again.
A lot of the work we do focuses on correct technique which has cleared up a long standing hip issue that has now all but disappeared. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions which focus on stretching, strength, balance and flexibility. Debs is knowledgeable and professional and I leave each session feeling exhilarated.
Debs is happy to work with me on whatever issues present themselves at each visit. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great quality personal training.




  • Increase your energy levels

  • Increase stamina, strength and flexibility

  • Improve posture, digestion and breathing

  • Lower your risk of many health problems

  • Control your weight through exercising correctly for your body type

  • Reduce joint pain

  • Improve your sleep patterns

  • Relieve stress

  • Enhance your overall mood and feelings of well-being