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The 'Eat Slowly' Challenge

What if I told you the simple, yet sometimes challenging, habit of EATING SLOWLY could help you achieve your health and wellness goals?

This habit can help you in several ways:

- You become more aware of your food choices

- You can tune into your hunger and fullness cues

- Helps you ‘stop’ when satisfied not stuffed!

- Research also suggests that how we eat can help our hormonal response (eg improving our insulin response to a meal)

AND in most cases, it eventually creates an energy deficit (it helps you bring in less energy/calories than you are burning) which helps people lose unwanted weight and fat WITHOUT dieting on purpose, following a detailed plan or feeling deprived!

It is SIMPLE but not necessarily easy!

Especially if we’re used to eating in a hurry or on the run, feeling stressed and/or just generally busy with life…. But what we can learn about ourselves and our habits by doing this simple yet challenging ‘slow eating’ exercise is definitely worth it.

Keen to give it a go?

Send me a message and I’ll send you through a step by step guide on how to do the Eat Slowly Exercise!


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