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What does TRUE HEALTH mean to you?

For me, true health is a whole person, whole life approach that involves thriving in all areas of human experience: physical, mental, emotional, existential, social and environmental ❤

Health and happiness is more than just a dress size! A cliché I know but still there's truth to it…

When I hit what I thought was my ideal/dream weight, I loved it, I was confident and super happy for a while BUT then it became unsustainable. I found myself stressing about keeping it there instead of enjoying how far I’d come. Each time I saw the digits go up I stressed about it, I lost track of the fundamentals I knew were true to me and beat myself up emotionally which lead to more stress eating (insert chocolate here) It caused more harm than good really!

However, looking back now I am grateful for the journey and everything it taught me about myself and the journey that many of us experience 🙃

Those that know me, know I like to focus on the fundamentals. Whether it is exercise or nutrition, having a sound and working knowledge of the fundamentals is so important.

Often the basics are overlooked because we think they're too simple to work BUT keeping it simple and being consistent long term, even with the smallest changes, can lead to amazing outcomes.

There's no such thing as one plan that suits everyone. Even the fundamentals need to be tweaked sometimes to suit your uniqueness! I love that everyone is different, we all have different pieces of the puzzle to embrace, different strengths to work from.

Having a step by step, simple, realistic and DOABLE plan (and support along the way) helps you create change by taking action. Without action, nothing changes...

If you're ready to make a change whether it's through exercise, nutrition or general healthy lifestyle habits, send me a message.

I'm happy to chat and see if working together is a fit for you 🥰

Debs x

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